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The RemoFinger G remotely controls any music apps using the foot pedal from the floor. Thanks to the word's first unique technology that plays the role of virtual finger tap at the desired position onscreen. Users can turn stompboxes on and off, select presets, start and stop recordings, or turn music score pages backwards or forwards without touching their device's screen.


  • Unlimited usability with the variety of apps including garage band, mobile pod, amplitude and jam-up
  • Unique technology on the suction cup emulates your finger touch and triggered from the pedal
  • Controls up to 4 points (channels)
  • Wirelessly connected up to 65ft (20m)
  • No Bluetooth or midi setting is required

RemoFinger G Wireless Foot Controller

SKU: remofingerg1
$129.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions

    277mm (L) x 135mm (W) x 34mm (H)






    ABS, PC, NBR

  • [Apple]

    All iPad Pro, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod Touch series

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