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Turn your existing music stand into a smart pager turner!

The RemoFinger S is a totally new concept of page turner for hands-free music reading: With a convenient press of a pedal, it emulates a finger touch on the tablet display.


More and more musicians are using a combination of a tablet and a sheet music viewer for reading music. This solution may make their gig bag lighter, but it doesn’t solve the problem of turning pages of music. The RemoFinger S solves this problem and liberates the player’s hands to keep playing their instrument.

With the RemoFinger S attached to the touchscreen, when the pedal is pressed, the RemoFinger S—not the player’s finger—taps the touchscreen. With no Bluetooth pairing or software setup required, the RemoFinger S provides almost limitless compatibility with sheet music/page viewers.

  • Gives your hands freedom while reading sheet music
  • Simply attached on music stand by using magnet
  • 1 year standby time with 2 AAA batteries
  • Works with almost all of the sheet music / page viewers
  • No Bluetooth pairing or software setups is required

Supporting Devices

You can use the RemoFinger S on the following smart devices: