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Simply, the most intuitive controller ever!

The RemoFinger G is the world's most unique and innovative wireless foot controller that remotely controls any apps on iPad, iPhone iPod touch or iPad Pro.
It emulates a finger touch on the screen when the Pedal is pressed.

Thanks to its unique technology that plays the role of virtual finger tap at the desired position onscreen. You can use the RemoFinger G for multiple purposes with almost unlimited music apps.

  • Turn stompbox switches on and off
  • Select presets for instrument or voice tone
  • Start and stop recordings
  • Control individual audio track according to your scenario
  • Turn the pages forward or backward without using hands

If you’re currently using a fully featured DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) under Mac or PC environment and just want to have a MIDI foot controller for that :

  • Download and launch your preferred music controller apps from the app store. Once you make the virtual MIDI or keyboard connection between your portable device and your computer, the RemoFinger G will become your customized wireless foot controller that seamlessly works under your foot control
  • Don’t pay your effort to remember what settings have been assigned to each pedal, store all presets just into the app but not into your head

Just imagine what you can use the RemoFinger G for.
Yes, its ability is actually not limited!

Check out demo videos with popular music apps


Loopy HD


Supporting Devices

You can use the RemoFinger G on the following smart devices: