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Turn Your Tablet

Into the Perfect Drum Set

Play virtual drums with drumsticks and a kick pedal on a tablet. 
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Play Drums Anywhere, Anytime

The TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit is a cutting-edge innovation that allows you to play drums on your smart device. Pair it with a drum game app & learn to play in no time!

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Play Drums on Tab Devic
Playing Drums on Your Tab

If you want to up the anté on your drum solo or teach yourself a new talent, the TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit can turn your phone or tablet screen into a digital drum set. 

A pair of aluminium sticks with conductive tips, fire up the app and you’ll get a responsive, real-time drum kit experience, without the heft of hauling a full-size setup.

Created with a digital design that makes them suitable for use on smartphones and tablets, the kit works by utilizing a digital pedal that attaches onto the device. 

Demo for Touchbeat Smart Drum kit

The Easiest Way to Enjoy

Playing Drums

The TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit is simple to use. Just attach the specially-designed touch emulator to the bass drum to use the pedal and play just like a real drum set, pedal kick and all!

Use it with any of your favorite drum apps like GarageBand with no extra setup required.

Game App The Touchbeat Drum


Drum Game App

Learn to play drums through the free downloadable TOUCHBEAT drum game app.

for Practicing
for Busking
for Recording


Use headphones


Play a game


Easy and light


Support all drum apps





Create Your Music

Choose from hundreds of drum apps which provide a studio-quality sound, you can play drums like a professional on the stage or create your own music through a simplified recording work.

Using the TOUCHBEAT for other purposes

Extra Features

The kick pedal of the TOUCHBEAT Smart Drum Kit is compatible with any app you use with your finger.

If you want to use more special features, look for apps that can be used with the TOUCHBEAT kick pedal.

Page Turner

Now you can free both hands while playing the instrument!

Flip pages in the Sheet Music app without using your hands.

(Useable for a variety of apps including forScore, Music Reader, iKlip Stage, Acrobe Acrobat, and iBooks)

Remote Control

Do you need someone to start recording or to take pictures while playing an instrument?

Use your feet to start / stop recording or take a picture.

Sustain Pedal

Do you need a sustain pedal to play a great performance?

Use it as a sustain pedal with the piano / keyboard app.

It is light and convenient, making it even more perfect.

Anything you want to control with feet

Do you need your own features which is a bit more special? 

It's possilbe to control everhthing that you control by touching the screen.

You decide how to use the TOUCHBEAT kick pedal yourself.

Supporting Devices


All iPad Pro, iPad and iPad mini series

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iPad Pro 12.5"

iPad Pro 9.7"


iPad mini

You'll be able to start playing drums in minutes.

Start today!

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